“In Hosting Ecuador you can install his virtual store in a few hours.”

Is to make businesses with HOST ECUADOR safe, we have but of 8 a? you in the market and the endorsement of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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With Hosting Ecuador and our cheapest VPS hosting windows to install a vitual store for sales by Internet it is r? I request and f? cil. In few hours can you have one soluci? commerce n electr? nico of great quality and with benefits superiors. Also, you should know that our service supports WordPress, PHP, Control Panel, and many others.

The virtual store that puts to his disopoci? is n Hosting Ecuador multidioma and multicurrency, adapted especially for Ecuador and Latinoam? rich.

Interf? z gr.? is fica completely personalizable, so that you can change headed colors of, boxes and texts so that they armonizen with his occurred? or. By means of the use of a p? gina of marks can you place his logo in the part superior, so that the store is part of his I occurred? or.

He has an administrative panel, who allows him to personalize his store, to enter products and photos, to settle down prices, promotions, forms of payment, to administer you order, clients and many options but that facilitate the maintenance to him of their store by Internet with unlimited hosting.

Within the character? sticas we have:

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.

Multiple Options of env? or and it transports: By country, zones, by weight, by n? mere of products…

Multiple forms of payment: Against reimbursement, Card of cr? dito, Transference, Paypal…

Personalizable aspect.

You are? sticas of products (more sold, more visited) and you are? sticas of clients.

Product attributes DIN? micos: Sizes, colors,…

Exhausted products, in sold newness, products more, gesti? n of brands…

Gesti? dedicated server ip n of Banners.

Product commentaries or revisions by other clients and recommendations of related products.

Gesti? n of orders by client (received, sent, given…)

Gesti? international n of taxes: Each pa? s can have its own tax; also each zone within each pa? s.

Warnings and notifications to clients by means of bulletins and newsletters.

Adem? s we give support him to obtain and to install its digital certificate, so that their client can make purchases by card of cr? dito to trav? Internet s.



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