“The Control Panel allows to handle his site him with faciliddad.”

Is to make businesses with HOST ECUADOR safe, we have but of 8 a? you in the market and the endorsement of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Frequent questions

P. I can update my p? ginas Web from my computer or I have to send to you infomaci to them? n so that they update it?

R. are Our accounts of hosting completely independent, You you can update their p? gina from any computer connected to the Internet. ? is nico that You must do to use a program for env? or FTP. Ace? same, the Control Panel and all tools of administraci? is n acceded and controlled v? to p? gina Web from any computer with access to Internet and from any place of the world.


P. As the program for env works? or FTP. What me podr? an to recommend?

Does R. Exist several programs client FTP that can be used for env? or of informaci? n towards our Web servers. The most known it is the WS_FTP HIM, that is gratuitous and it is possible to be lowered very easily from Internet. For example, it is possible to be lowered from “http://cnet.com”. Is its handling f? cil and intuitive, to connect itself simply three fields are due to enter: sudominio.dom (or his direcci? did n IP), user and, contrase? a. All these data are provided with the opening of the account of hosting.


P. Since I make to create new post office and that these work?

R. Informaci? detailed n of how opening post office and as forming them in mail clients electr? nico com Outlook Express is within one of the tools of the Control Panel with the label: “Configuraci? n post office POP3”. Ace? same it is explained as it is possible to be acceded to post office v? to p? gina Web by means of the tool “Web Mail”. 


P. Qu? it means “tr? fico monthly m? ximo”? To whatever it is equivalent 3 Gigabits of tr? fico monthly?

Is R. the m? xima monthly transference of informaci? n from its site. Very popular sites, do not get to utililizar 1 Gibabite, so that it is very difficult that llege to use the 3 Gigabits. Nevertheless, can sites dedicated to unloadings of massive programs, get to cosink many Gigabits and can affect to the DEM? s clients provided with accomodations in the servant, therefore is indispensable to fix a ceiling by account. It constitutes a great irresponsibility to offer tr? fico limitless since certain suppliers do it of hosting, because one leaves in serious risk the provided with accomodations sites.


P. Qu? a “is Catch all”?

Is R. “catch all” a mail mailbox that is defined in order that it picks up all those “lost” post office that are of the [email protected] type, and that do not have an adressee defined in the servant, that is to say they aren't post office v? lido. “Catch all” defines it from the tool “Administrator of post office” in the Control Panel.


P. I can transfer an existing to Host Ecuador?

R. By his position, you can transfer an existing towards the Domain of Host Ecuador. ? is nico that it must do to solicit to the company where registr? its , that changes informaci? n of the Domain of names (DNS) of the . Did we send informaci to him? n necessary to realise the change. Is the procedure simple and any company to have? to be in capacity to do it.


P. As I obtain support t? cnico?

R. Is one of the services that distinguish to us support t? can cnico, You contact v to us? to mail electr? nico or by tel? phono the 7 days of the week of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.



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