“In Host Ecuador you can install his virtual store in a few hours.”

Is to make businesses with HOST ECUADOR safe, we have but of 8 a? you in the market and the endorsement of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Agreement with the client and policies of use of the accounts

HOST ECUADOR hosting to numerous clients provides Web, which means that we have the responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best possible service. The following rules were established so that these objectives can be fulfilled.

The following policies, rules and prohibitions are applied for all the s opened by HOSTING ECUADOR, including regular clients of hosting, remarketers, and their clients. We recommended that all the clients who resell our accounts, include the present policies, rules and prohibitions in their own websites to assure that they are understood and applied by all clients.


Do these include Spam (env? or not solicitd of publicity to people with who the client does not have one one relaci? hasn't established n of businesses or given his aprobaci? n to receive this publicity);  spoofing (to use one direcci? n of origin mail, which is not one direcci? n been worth of reenv? or that it identifies to who env? to, or to send a mail message which does not contain sufficient informaci? n to identify to the part that really this sending the message); passive Spam (to promote a website opened by HOSTING ECUADOR by means of Spam realised from another source), trolling (env? or of messages pol? micos to groups of the news to generate answers), mailbombing (to flood to a user with post office without serious intentions), to generate a very high volume of exit post office in relaci? n and so utilizaci consumes a normal user (? n of 20% or but of the resources available), and suscripci? n of somebody to a mail list electr? Nicaraguan without the permission of that person. Is a message considered not asked for if this it is sent in violaci? n with the rules of a group of the news or is sent to a container of that to not required the message. To do one direcci? n of mail available to the p? doesn't blico constitute one invitaci? n to receive messages. Distribuci? n of programs for env? or massive of mail also it is prohibited. All the containers in a mail list personally must be subscribed. The mail lists not to be? n used to distribute mail nonasked for. Any client repeatedly “mailbombeado” or who attracts this behavior solicitd to him to leave. If You not est? certainly its actions est? n in violaci? n, please asks first a [email protected]. Sites are not allowed either that sell software for Spam.

Age. Must the client have m? nimo 18 a? you of age to obtain our service.

Abuse of the legal rights of others:

Don't examples of accepted activities include env? or of informaci? n deprived about a person without its consent, to infringe the rights of intellectual property, to defame to a person or business, and to inform c? digos which have an injurious effect in computers and third people. Does HOSTING ECUADOR support comunicaci? free n in the Internet, and not to suspend? or to cancel? the account of a client simply because est? in discord with the points of view expressed by the client.

Abuse of the law

Can the services of HOSTING ECUADOR be used for prop? situated legal only. Does illegality include but not est? limited a: distribuci? n of drug, attempt to accede without autorizaci? n to a computer system; to hack into (to distribute to material copyright in violaci? n to the laws copyright, espec? ficamente MP3s, MPEG's, ROM's, and ROM emulators); games by money; schemes for fraud; material traffic obseno; to send a message or that has content that is obseno, dirty or indecent lujurioso, lacivo, with the attempt to bother, to abuse, to threaten or to torment another person; does to threaten hurting or give? ar to individuals or groups; to watch; Does HOSTING ECUADOR reserve the right to check the email, system files and other data in our Domain by illegal content and materials or any other raz? necessary n.

Abuse of the resources of the Domain:

The use of programs that can consume excessive resources of the servant, causing disminunci? n in the quality from access to the sites, to cause? that we suspend the site temporarily to him until the problem is solved.


Does HOSTING ECUADOR reserve the right to report illegal activities to any? rgano administrative or legal for investigaci? n.


Aren't the following examples of unacceptable behavior exclusive, and are provided for prop? situated of gu? a. If You not est? surely if its actions to be? n one violaci? n of our policies, please asks [email protected].

Env? or of messages to the servant or any message sent to any network directly or indirectly related to the attempt of enga? ar the system of autenticaci? n or security of host, network or counts. To access to data nondestined for the user. To prove the security of any network. To produce dozens of processes indiscriminately. I scan of ports, inundaci? n of pings, ping bombing, obsenidades, winnuke, land, teardrop. Promulgaci? virus n. Does any activity that is in give? or or p? rdida of data, being? investigated and to take itself? acci? suitable n. The presence of anyone of these programs, even if they are not running, to resutar? in actions that include suspenci? n or terminaci? n of the account.


Is the client responsible by all originated activity for the account unless she tries on to be v? ctima of hacking external or falsificaci? n of direcci? n. The client is responsible by the security for his name of user and key. The use of the services of HOSTING ECUADOR requires a certain level of knowledge in the use of languages of Internet, protocols and software. This level of knowledge bar? to following the projections of use and the content of the website that wishes the client. For example: Publicaci? n Web: it requires of HTML knowledge, to locate appropriately and to tie documents, to make FTP of archives Web, gr.? ficos, text, sound, mapeo of image, etc. Publicaci? n Web by means of Frontpage:  knowledge of herramientaso of Front Page ace? as also understanding the capacity of the telnet and FTP. Cgi-Scripts: it requires a knowledge of the UNIX surroundings, commando TAR and GE UNZIP, Perl, CShel scripts, permissions, etc. Mail: experience in handling of clients of mail to receive and to send mail, etc. The client must have knowledge necessary to create and to maintain his website. The clients est? agreement n that is not responsibility of HOSTING ECUADOR to provide with this knowledge or to give support of matters other people's to the service of hosting that HOSTING ECUADOR offers.


Complete backup copies are done on a daily basis, weekly and biweekly. They don't occur garant? ace of any class, on backup copies. Are the backup copies done with prop? situated to only recover the servant. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain local copies of his website or any informaci? n. If the p? does rdida of data happen by error of HOSTING ECUADOR, HOSTING ECUADOR to try? to recover the data without load for the client. If the p? does rdida of data happen by negligence of the client when assuring its account or by one acci? n of the client, HOST ECUADOR to try? to recover the data from the more most recent archives by a cost of $30. 


One doesn't allow the addresses of s different from the main towards the site nor from subdirectories from the same without autorizaci? n of HOST ECUADOR, the main only can accede to the site.  Does this policy settle down due to ours garant? to 256 sites as m? ximo in a servant. Did we guarantee the n? mere m? ximo of sites by servant controlling who s? the opened main accounts use the resources.


Does HOST ECUADOR maintain the control and property of any n? mere I.P and direcci? does n that can be assigned to the client and reserve its right to change discreci? n or to remove all the n? mere IP and directions.


HOSTING ECUADOR not to be? does person in charge by any give? or, including he gives? incidental you or by consequence, which is imputed the Domain of HOSTING ECUADOR.


In Web hosting. The best Opci? n

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