“The additional tools that I have in my situated one save time and money to me.”

Is to make businesses with HOST ECUADOR safe, we have but of 8 a? you in the market and the endorsement of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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to change key
To change Key
It allows to change the key to accede to the FTP and unlimited web hosting with cpanel
to filemanager
File manager Powerful tool for the handling of archives in l? nea. It owns interface gr.? fica. It allows edici? n of archives, compresi? n, handling of directories, etc.
Accounts of Email
It allows him to form mail accounts, to assign space, to change to them contrase? ace of post office, etc

It allows in reviewing his post office him and sending post office by means of a navigator, without needing the use of mail clients electr? nico.
It allows him to make a complete endorsement of his website, including post office and data bases electr? nicos, ace? as also restauraci? n from backup previous.
You are? sticas of the site You are? sticas detailed of access towards its site. Urls of access, countries, navigators, accountants, etc. Exists two applications to choose: to webalizer and awstats
Subdominios Its main allows him to create subs using.
MySQL Our best cheap vps hosting supports Several tools to administer its data bases MySQL. What includes, PhpMyAdmin, remote MySQL and an assistant to create user, data bases, key, etc.
PHP Config
You can choose between several versions of php so that its site works. What includes PHP 5,2, PHP 5,3, PHP5.4. Furthermore it gives the possibility him of activating his own php.ini, according to his necessity.
It allows to install a great catidad of extensions php and units, according to his necessity.
Publisher DNS
You can modify registries DNS of his . Also he has a tool to publish registries MX, so that same you can handle external Domain of mail.
simple scripts
Simple Scripts
It allows to install but of 50 applications of a simple way mu, which includes: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce, Moodle, Gbook, etc.
Ruby in the Ways
Est? cradle in framewok in the ways. It allows him to run this type of applications.
M? dulos Perl
You can install applications programmed in Perl. Also he can install additional units of Perl, that are necessary for their application.
postgresql PostgreSQL
It gives the possibility him of creating and of using data bases PostgreMSQL (Available only in certain packages of ssd vps hosting).It allows him
cron job
Cron Jobs
It allows him to execute programs or applications in schedules espec? ficos and peri? dicos.
disc space
Disc space
It gives the possibility him of monitoring and of administering the space that you occupy in his servant, as much of website, e-mails and data bases.
Cart of purchases Within the Simple application Scripts, can You install of very simple way several applications of commerce electr? nico, including OsCommerce, OpenCl.


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