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“In Host Ecuador you can install his virtual store in a few hours.”


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We have best tecnolog? to in hosting and the best prices.  The accounts of hosting of HOST ECUADOR have all the necessary tools to their website has but the high benefits. But of twelve a? you of experience and the endorsement of hundreds of clients in Ecuador they enable to offer us him the best service.

We have Domain in Estador United, with highest tecnolog? a. We offered support him t? cnico local specialized, so that you can remove the greater benefit to him to his account from hosting.

15000 Megabyte space
E-mails Limitless
PHP, MySql
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All do our accounts of hosting have Control Panel cpanel, which allows a handling f? friendly cil and of all the tools of the site, including creaci? n and manipulaci? n of post office electr? nicos, webmail, backups, data base, you are? sticas of accesso to its site, etc. You to become familiar? as much with the facilities of our system that to be sorry? to change to the traditional systems.

All do our accounts of hosting have post office electr? nico of first categor? to, with asignaci? customized n of spaces in disc and filters antiSpam. Post office of type POP3 and IMPAP and you have three types of built-in Web-mail so that she can review his post office from any part of the world.

All our sites diponen of data bases MySQL and/or Postgre SQL. You dipone of several versions of PHP (5,6, 5,3 or 7,0) to choose, so that you can I occurred? ar or to migrate its site to convenience.

 Is our network superfluous and with strict policies so that its site never est? outside the air.

Support t? cnico that we offered is the best dedicated server, an engineer graduated in the Polit School? does cnica National, coordinate that best support t offers him? cnico at the moment that You require it. Once you never prove our service querr? to leave us.



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